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Welcome to Champion Vizslas, LLC! We’re proud to offer the finest breeds for hunting, show performance, and companionship. 



Natural hunters or pointers, kid-friendly and just all-around wonderful dogs. They are admired as indoor or outdoor pets and thrive when trained for the hunting enthusiast or showman.

Quality Vizsla &

German Shorthaired Pointer Breeding for Hunting and Companionship


Boundless energy to help master that perfect hunt with power and endurance. With an eager to please and friendly attitude, you are sure to create an everlasting bond. 

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Your Perfect Companion for a South Dakota Pheasant Hunt

With their natural hunting instinct, great noses and an eagerness to train, Vizslas and German Shorthairs make superior pointers and retrievers. If you'd like to see our dogs in action, join us for a guided pheasant hunt at Dakota Game Lodge. We've created a habitat where wild pheasants thrive and recently renovated our lodge for a relaxing destination to celebrate the hunt.

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