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We love taking the time to know our puppies new forever home owners. We take time talking to you via phone or in person. It's never just a quick online, email buy.


           "Champion Vizslas certainly live up to their name. We couldn't be more pleased with the puppy we bought from them. Roscoe makes a great companion. He learns very quickly and obeys well. Traveling with Roscoe is no problem, whether it be by car, quad, or tractor. Being well adjusted, he gets along great with our cats, other dogs, chickens, horses and sheep. Our grandkids of all ages love him.  As a hunter he is amazing. The day we brought him home he stood at point when our chickens walked by. To see how he would do, at 4 1/2 months old, I took him out to hunt. He brought his first bird back and dropped it in my hand! Roscoe is an absolute joy. We love him! I would highly recommend that anyone looking for a Vizsla, to check out Champion Vizslas first, because like I said, they certainly live up to their name!"

----John & Darlene (Montana)

          " Brian and Lori were both great to work with - very knowledgeable and happy to share that knowledge with us once we decided to get our first Vizsla. They gave me a ton of background info to help decide which litter to pick from, and then kept in touch with weekly photos, videos, etc. Working with Champion Vizslas was a great experience and I would highly recommend them!"

----Amanda (North Dakota)  

        " Thank you so much for answering all of our questions at the Sportsmen Show and for helping us find our first hunting pup, Diesel! We are so in love with him and his personality. We can't wait to get him out this fall!"

----Chad & Hailey (Minnesota)

        " We love our Kala so much!! She’s 34 lbs and still growing! She’s so snuggly and sweet. She LOVES birds! Thank you so much for the best puppy!!

----Emma (Colorado)

       " We took our puppy, Jade, home at the beginning of May and we truly couldn't ask for a more amazing dog. She is so energetic, fun-loving, sweet, social (with kids and dogs), and cuddly. She is naturally so eager to please and responds to training phenomenally. We couldn't ask for a better pup!

---Jessica (Montana)

      " We took Harley Malibu to Rick Smiths foundation seminar. We were doing flushing and backing. She came to a complete stop and locked up the steadiest point I've ever witnessed. No creep, no movement, nothing! They threw the pigeon at her and she didn’t move a muscle. I can’t thank you enough for such an awesome bird dog. She also did great backing my lab.

---Joel & Rebecca (Minnesota)

     " I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much Dakota has changed our lives for the better.  We are so grateful for her and our family loves every second we have with her.
She is so smart and beautiful. Thank you for what you do. Dakota loves New Hampshire.  She swims everyday and tries to catch fish. She is great with the kids - we couldn’t ask for more. 
---Corey (New Hampshire)   


Testimonial for Champion Vizslas very own, Hunter (Sire for Champion Vizsla Pups)


         "We were given the great opportunity to train Hunter this spring/summer and he was a great dog from the start.  He is a dog that is eager to do whatever he has to do to please the handler no matter who the handler might be.   Hunter flew through force fetch very quickly.  He was a fantastic student while he was in our program.  He had a natural drive to retrieve and his bird drive was off the charts which was a great thing to see early on in his bird work.  I could tell early on in his training that Hunter was going to be one of those special dogs that all trainers want to work with.

         Hunter’s point was natural and very staunch.  The thing I liked most about Hunter’s natural upland skills was his ability to quarter a field in a timely fashion but still work within the acceptable range.  His nose proved to be very good as well.  It wasn’t uncommon for him to point off the birds 30 to 40 yards and hold until the flush.  His retrieve is very swift and complete as well.  Hunter was by far the best Vizsla I have ever had the pleasure to train.

What really rounds Hunter off as a great all-around gundog is his ability to live in the house and be apart of the family.  He has that highly coveted off switch that all gundog owners want in there hunting companion.  Hunter will not disappoint in that department.  He is as calm as he could be until he knows we are headed out for bird work and then the switch flips on."  

 ---Bryan Sombke (Trainer at Coteau View Hunts and Kennels, LLC, South Dakota)

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